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Jude's research is available through, or by contacting her directly.

Jude's culture-sector research and development focuses on building capacity for broad-based and professional engagement in the arts, and advocates for increased opportunities for creative expression.

She utilizes holistic, community-based approaches to foster respectful relationships among and between diverse citizens, leading to creative and innovative places to live, work and play that are respectful of people, place and the land.

Her doctoral research illustrates ways artists and arts organizations contribute to rural place-making, identity and belonging, and vibrant localized creative economies with regional and global connections.

With a strong background in arts and community development her research interests include the intersection of culture and the arts with community resilience; complex adaptive systems in regional identity reformation; and, social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Jude's research and community development initiatives in the culture, arts, innovation and social entrepreneurship sectors aim to build capacity for adapting and transitioning to new situations, supporting individual, organizational and community level resilience and fostering vibrant place-based creative economies in rural, small urban and Indigenous communities in Northern Ontario.

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