Enrich Inspire Celebrate

Using precious metals and gemstones --gifts of the earth-- Jude shapes ideas into fine studio jewellery to enrich, inspire and celebrate our relationship with each other and the land.

She believes its important to take time to mark moments in our lives and enjoy the simple pleasures and beauty that surrounds us. Jude creates jewellery to encourage, ground, embolden or prepare you for a new journey; to bring joy, evoke ideas, create memories, and to embellish daily life or special occasions.

Jude's primarily one-of-a-kind designs are quietly bold, contemporary, yet lasting.

Custom Creations

As a studio jeweller and an artist, Jude works collaboratively with her clientele to create meaningful jewellery
to celebrate, treasure moments in time, express aspirations, and to ponder.


Studio Collections

Jude's ready-to-purchase studio collection is thoughtfully designed, ready wear or gift. Primarily one-of-a-kind or limited edition jewellery.

Arts Development

Jude's culture-sector research and development focuses on building individual and community resilience through broad-based engagement, professional opportunities and advocacy.

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