Jude creates a few pieces each year in her studio on the shore of Lake Superior in Northern Ontario, Canada. She is inspired by the natural materials she works with, the nature that surrounds her, the people she has met and the places she has lived.

Drawing on primarily traditional jewellery-making techniques, Jude enjoys the time it takes to hand make each piece. She engages her head, heart and hands in the creation process, sketching a concept and then working directly with the materials.

She listens deeply to the conversation, the call and response of the silver, gold and gemstones, shaping ideas into reality.



Having admired Jude's elegant and expressive jewellery for a number of years, it was a special experience to commission her to design and craft this unique custom pendant and earrings set as a gift for someone truly dear to me. Jude's mastery of fine materials, shapes, textures and colors creates flawlessly crafted pieces of wearable art unlike anything to be found elsewhere.
Jude's collaborative approach to custom design provides her customer with options and suggestions throughout the process resulting in truly one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces and sets that are as personally meaningful as they are beautiful. (Don)



To celebrate some life changes Jude created a beautiful ring that I wear daily. It reminds me that life is what we make of it and moving on is part of it. The ring shows me pathways forward and the decisions and opportunities that lie ahead. It is a delight to wear. (Shirley)

Jude's culture-sector research and development focuses on building individual and community resilience through broad-based engagement, professional opportunities and advocacy.

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